Culture Colour and Contrasts.
Through the lens of my camera

I am a London based photographer who is always looking for a different perspective.

The website is for sharing some of my favourite or most beautiful photographs. It includes a wide collection of travel images.

The blogs are for sharing knowledge, techniques, opinions, favourite locations and travel itineraries.

Home or away, I am always looking for colour, movement, light, silhouettes, contrasts, abstract forms and shapes, the textures of decay, rust, wood and brick and the beauty of wildlife, nature and seascapes.

Over the years, I have explored various themes. One favourite is street art, I love it for its ethical and political messages and the bright colours and textures on wood and brick.  Penguins are another favourite, but sadly most of them live in the Southern hemisphere.

My latest focus has been food photography. I have just completed the illustrations for my own cook book. As a daylight or outdoor photographer, I found food photography a challenge. Naturally, I needed striking photographs of the food.  My original efforts at food styling were poor, the food did not look appetising, the plates clashed, sloppy servings, bad light, lack of colour and generally poor images.  I learnt that planning was the key, no more dashing out in the garden with the husband’s dinner.  I started doing the layouts inside with a tripod before I cooked the food. Unlike “proper” food stylists, I was using real hot food (well it started hot) and no artificial props like food colouring, mash potato and glue.

My photographs have been exhibited in the UK and I have sold travel images through Alamy. My best sellers included Brazilian dancers in the Amazon and Diwali candles. Shown below The latter were photographed on my dining table with the smoke alarm sounding! They were used for a retail poster campaign in South Africa. I have also sold pictures as wall-art and hundreds of greeting cards.

My Alamy portfolio can be found on this searchable link www.alamy.com/portfolio/alexmaddox

When I worked as an MD and trainer/mentor in a media software company, I had some great travel and photographic opportunities across all the continents of the world. Independently, I have enjoyed exploring the diverse cultures and colours of countries like India, Morocco, South Africa and Greece.  I have enjoyed the beautiful nature and wildlife in many South American countries including South Georgia and Antarctica. However I also love the diversity of the uk. It has it all; picturesque villages, beautiful countryside, rivers, lakes, wild rocky coasts, long sandy beaches, piers, deckchairs and beach huts!

Over the years, I have had some great mentors. Some became friends, like Stephen, whom I found through a small ad in Amateur Photographer magazine. He was an award winning photographer and a master printer. He walked around with an owl.

I have been using Photoshop for over 20 years, but I believe that you should get the image right in the camera. I use Lightroom to manage my image collection of over 250,000 images. I can help with basic lightroom, photoshop and photographic questions or tuition.

I acquired my first camera around age 8. I still remember the excitement of waiting for my first set of prints to arrive by post. In my late teens, I bought a Zenith E, a heavy duty Russian camera and my first SLR. I also bought a Zenith enlarger, at that time, I was into black and white photography.  I have evolved with the passing of time and moved to colour and Canon because of its lead in technology and the quality of the lenses. I also use Sony, because I like their colour rendition and again lens quality….  and also because my first digital camera was a Sony.

I hope that you enjoy this website and do contact me or provide feedback via the feedback link.