Culture Colour and Contrasts.
Through the lens of my camera

I am a London based photographer who is always looking for a different perspective.

The website is for sharing some of my favourite or most beautiful photographs. It includes a wide collection of travel images.

The blogs are for sharing knowledge, techniques, opinions, favourite locations and travel itineraries.

Home or away, I am always looking for colour, movement, light, silhouettes, contrasts, abstract forms and shapes, the textures of decay, rust, wood and brick and the beauty of wildlife, nature and seascapes.

Over the years, I have explored various themes. One favourite is street art, I love it for its ethical and political messages and the bright colours and textures on wood and brick.  Penguins are another favourite, but sadly most of them live in the Southern hemisphere.

My photographs have been exhibited in the UK and I have sold travel images through Alamy. My best sellers included Brazilian dancers in the Amazon and Diwali candles. Shown below The latter were photographed on my dining table with the smoke alarm sounding! They were used for a retail poster campaign in South Africa. I have also sold pictures as wall-art and hundreds of greeting cards.

My Alamy portfolio can be found on this searchable link www.alamy.com/portfolio/alexmaddox

I have been using Photoshop for over 20 years, but I believe that you should get the image right in the camera. I use Lightroom to manage my image collection of over 250,000 images.